AFK – Browser Game

AFK game

Ever have one of those days where where no matter how hard you try you can’t manage to get any work done? Well AFK takes that to extremes as you play a hapless worker who attempts to get some work done at home but has a series of increasingly bizarre interruptions!

It’s monday morning, 9:00am and you need to get some reports done for work. You turn on your computer and login, then the phone starts to ring. You answer it, it’s a wrong number, you promptly end the conversation and attempt to get back to your work, then the light bulb blows…. A picture falls off the wall….. Someone comes to the door…. And so on. You try your best to get some work done, but the distractions keep on piling up, then things strat to get very weird indeed…..

It’s a funny little game with a great sense of humor some very strange twists. Well worth taking 10 minutes out from your work to play though!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Browser

Play or Download AFK Here

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