Afterglow – Downloadable Game


Afterglow is a very stylish and surreal first person horror/puzzle game in which you explore a strange house with some very devious puzzles and a very freaky monster.

You have to be VERY observant when playing Afterglow.  Each door that you have to open has a cryptic clue hanging above it that you’ll have to figure out and also locate some very well hidden switches.  To make things even harder, there is a terrifying monster roaming the halls – when it comes for you you’d better run!

Afterglow won’t be for everyone, some of the puzzles are particularly tricky and may cause frustration.  But for those that stick with it, they’ll find a unique and satisfying puzzler with superb visual and audio design, and a truly terrifying monster.  A wonderful blend of freakish horror and fiendish puzzle design.

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Shift – Run,  Ctrl – Crouch,  Mouse – look,  LMB – Interact

Available On:  Windows Only

Note:  Some of the puzzles are VERY tricky and some switches are very well hidden, if you’re stuck check out this walkthrough (Contains Spoilers)

Download Afterglow Here

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