AfterHours – Downloadable Game

AfterHours is a tense psychological horror game where you end up trapped in a mysterious abandoned hospital that’s home to a horrifying nurse monster.

In AfterHours you turn up at a hospital to visit your sister. However, after making your way to the room she’s in the hospital suddenly changes – everything seems old, a deadly nurse monster roams the halls and you’re locked in with no noticeable means of escape. You now need to use stealth to evade the nurse as you search for useful items to help you escape.

The AI for the nurse is a little unforgiving and it would be nice if you had some sort of indicator to tell you where to go to collect the various objects, but even so AfterHours is a fun little horror game. The premise is interesting, it’s pretty polished and it’s genuinely a nerve-wracking experience as you try to evade the nurse. A freaky hospital horror game well worth checking into.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download AfterHours Here

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