Agar – Browser Game

agar 3

Agar is highly addictive a massively multiplayer online survival game in which you control amoeba-like life forms who must consume other players to become the biggest, baddest, blobbiest organism in the world.

A little like Katamari Damacy, but massively multiplayer and set on an agar plate, Agar is a blast.  Starting off small but fast, you can consume food to start off your growth, then try and hunt down smaller organisms.  You can only consume players that are smaller than you, and the bigger you are, the smaller you move – so choose your targets wisely!  Be careful out there, no matter how big you get – there’s always a bigger fish in the ocean!

Controls:  Mouse – Movement,  Spacebar – Divide Cells

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Agar In Your Browser Here

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