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Agent b0rk game

Agent B0rk is a charming and witty little puzzle adventure with stealth elements and turn based combat that sees you playing a secret agent who has had his mind transferred into a little dog in order to infiltrate a corrupt mayors home.

The city is overrun with corruption and the evidence you need to expose it is hidden in the mayors mansion. Security is tight so it’d be impossible for a person to sneak in, but surely they won’t suspect the mayors favourite terrier! Enter you, a top secret agent known as Codename: B0rk who has used experimental technology to transfer your mind into the mayor’s dog in order to infiltrate and gather evidence.

As well as charming pixel art visuals and fun dialogue, Agent B0rk features a fun mash up of game styles, with puzzles to solve, stealth elements and turn based RPG-style combat. The combat is a particularly neat little touch – as instead of fighting the guards when they spot you, you have to perform tricks to convince them that you’re really a dog.

It’s not perfect (getting spotted by the same guard twice in a row without having a chance to escape is annoying), but on the whole it’s a great mash up of genres and a wonderfully lighthearted canine adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Interact, X – Menu

Available On: Windows

Download Agent B0rk Here

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