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Aground is a very addictive mining/survival game that sees you attempting to carve a life out for yourself after washing up on a desert island.

In Aground you start the game with almost nothing and must scavenge, build, befriend, hunt and craft to create a thriving settlement. The island is pretty small, but there’s a deceptively large amount of resources you can use and things to discover, especially once you start digging below it.

As you progress you’ll meet new characters, befriend them and invite them to stay with you. Each new settler will progress the story a little and will also unlock new building, crafting and resource gathering options, such as farming, cooking, forging tools and even using magic.

I’s an addictive game that really impresses with its charming pixel art visuals and easily accessible, but surprisingly complex colony building survival gameplay. A fabulous little survival sim well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Action, X – Menu, Q – Quest Log, I – Inventory

Available On: Windows and Browser

Download Aground Here

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