AI Against Humanity – Browser Game

AI Against Humanity is a Cards Against Humanity style game that you play against an AI using AI generated cards.

AI Against Humanity plays much like Cards Against Humanity, with you being presented with a question card with a phrase and a blank space on it, then you choosing from a choice of four cards to fill in the blanks and make the funniest answer. The main difference here though is that everything is AI generated – the question and answer cards are created using Open AI’s GPT-2 and your opponent is an AI which has learned to pick out the funniest cards for different types of question card.

Obviously it’s not as fun as playing the physical Cards Against Humanity with friends, but it’s an interesting little experience. If you didn’t know that the cards were AI generated and your opponent was an AI then you’d never guess as it’s all very well put together. Maybe Skynet won’t end up taking over the world if it’s too busy playing Cards Against Humanity!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play AI Against Humanity Here

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