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Air Mail Game Download

Air Mail is an adorable game in which you play a postman who flies through the air in a cute little plane, delivering letters to residents in remote locations.

In Air Mail you’re tasked with finding and delivering six different letters to their intended recipients using your bright red airplane. The letters are deposited in post boxes around the game world, with each one having the persons name and a different coloured stamp. If you look carefully while flying overhead you’ll be able to match up the stamp color with the scarf color of the person who’s supposed to receive it (if you’re color blind you’ll just have to get out and find out their name).

As well as collecting letters you’ll also have to keep an eye out for fuel as you’ll need to top up your tank now and again. A full tank lasts a while so it doesn’t hamper your aerial adventures too much but you may end up using quite a lot of it as it’s a delight hurtling about in the air through the air across the idyllic country landscape. A stylish and sweet little air mail adventure that delivers a whole lot of fun.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Action

Available On: Windows

Download Air Mail Here

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