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AirMess game

AirMess is essentially a Unity version of WipEout, but with beautiful cel shaded visuals and the ability to add your own soundtrack – which affects the track around you.

Anyone familiar with WipEout-style futuristic racing will feel immediately at home with AirMess – with you piloting a selection of agile hover racers across a variety of game modes – Race, Survival and Time Trial. The races pit you against multiple opponenets and litter the track with boost pads and weapon power-ups, and require some real skill to finish first. Time Trial is self explanitory, but the Zone-style Survival mode is certainly worthy of a special mention – with you racing through a pulsing neon track at an ever-increasing speed until you blow yourself up.

AirMess looks fantastic and the ships handle perfectly – the only minor niggles are that weapon damage could do with a little more flair and the slower speed classes are a little too slow. But, the dev is still working on the game so we’re sure these will be addressed in the future. It’s already a very acomplished futuristic racer that’s well worth taking for a spin. A must for fans of the WipEout games.

Controls:  Keyboard or Controller (Controller Recommended)

Available On:  Windows Only

Download AirMess Here

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