AkimBear – Browser Game

AkimBear is a fun little arcade game that puts you in control of one of the most deadly killing machines imaginable – a genetically modified bear with dual-wielding miniguns!

In AkimBear you take control of Grizzle, a big grizzly bear who is on his way back to the labs he escaped from years ago in search of answers. Grizzle auto-walks through the levels, collecting honey which restores his health and attempting to make his way to the exit elevator. There are three levels to make your way through, each of which sees you using two independently operated mini-guns to blast all the pesky little critters that try to attack you. You can dispatch most of the wildlife fairly easily but you stop walking whenever you fire and you only have a short amount of time to make it to the exit elevator so you need to be reasonably efficient with your shooting.

The way you have to sacrifice movement in AkimBear to shoot those mighty mini-guns is an interesting mechanic, causing you to balance fighting enemies and fighting the timer. A little more depth would be welcome as the gameplay is ultimately pretty shallow and a little repetitive, but the pixel art animation is excellent and there’s no denying that controlling a dual mini-gun wielding grizzly bear is a lot of fun!

Controls: Q/E – Rotate Left Gun, W – Shoot Left Gun, I/P – Rotate Right Gun, O – Shoot Right Gun. Control Pad Recommended,

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play AkimBear Here

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