Akuma: Wrath of the Fallen – Download Game

Akuma: Wrath of the Fallen is a very fast paced hack ‘n slash action platforming adventure where a samurai seeks revenge against the demons who betrayed him and sent him to the darkest pit of Hell.

In Akuma: Wrath of the Fallen you step into the shoes of a samurai who was betrayed by demons during battle and ended up being cast into the darkest pit of Hell. Now filled with rage and hatred, you have become a powerful Akuma and set out to make the demons pay for their betrayal.

The gameplay is fast paced and a lot of fun, with your character having plenty of mobility and a sword that can be used for melee attacks or thrown for devastating ranged special attacks. You can also teleport to where you’ve thrown your sword and there’s a focus on aerial combat too – with your double jump resetting each time you hit an enemy (so you can stay in the air for long periods of time while in combat).

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Akuma: Wrath of the Fallen is an action packed adventure from start to finish. The pixel artwork of the backgrounds and the character animation are superb. Meanwhile the combat feels great and your character feels like a powerful demon slaying badass. Those demons will be quaking in their boots when they see your blade!

Controls: Control Pad Recommended

Available On: Windows

Download Akuma: Wrath of the Fallen Here

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