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Alagsor is a cleverly designed Sokoban/Boulder Dash style puzzle game with a touch of Snake, which sees you controlling a snake-like creature which will die if touched, but can transform its body into an immovable brick wall.

The mechanics of Alagsor are a little odd to explain but easy to pick up. You control a black snake-like creature with an aim of guiding it to the exit of each level. There are moveable boxes, switches, enemies, locked doors and even explosives to deal with as you make your way to the exit.

Two pieces of your body cannot occupy the same space so if you need to backtrack then you have to retract your body. The enemies will kill you if they touch your head or your body, but you can turn your body into a brick wall by pressing the spacebar – this process is irreversible though so you need to be certain you won’t need to go back through that area.

It’s a very cleverly crafted puzzler that manages to pack some fiendishly tough puzzle design into is stylish single-screen levels. It’s a tough game, but very addictive and impresses with its stylish retro visuals and catchy chiptune soundtrack. A strange snakey sokoban game well worth checking out.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Linux

Download Alagsor Here

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