Alice’s 1997 – Browser Game

Alice’s 1997 is a heartfelt narrative experience where you get to know someone and piece together the events of her life by reading the last few months of her 1997 calendar.

As Alice’s 1997 is an entirely narrative driven experience and it only takes a few minutes to play through, mentioning any of the narrative would be a spoiler, but it’s a personal and heartfelt story that revolves around Alice (the owner of the calendar) and June (the person who gave Alice the calendar). You make your way through the calendar by tearing off pages to reveal the pages below, with the calendar (and the game) ending on New Year’s Eve.

Half the calendar pages are blank and the ones that do have something written on them usually just have a few words, but it’s amazing how much of Alice’s life you can decipher from it. You learn about Alice’s day to day life from her writing, while her important life events are filled in by June’s occasional writing and the notes that bookend the calendar. It’s a very clever piece of storytelling that gets an incredible amount of narrative across via a very small amount if writing. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available on: All Browsers

Play Alice Here

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