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Alien Damnation is a tense and cinematic Alien fan game where a jettisoned liferaft from the USS Sulaco ends up dropping off an unwelcome visitor to a small outpost on a nearby planet.

Created by Sefano Cagnani (creator of the Tremors and Leatherface fan games), Alien Damnation is an Alien fan game that takes place around the same time as Alien 3. In the game a liferaft has been jettisoned from the Sulaco, containing one non-human lifeform. It’s crash landed on a small planet called Ienon V, and when one of the cew from a nearby outpost went to investigate they came back with a facehugger attached to their face. As you can imagine, it’s not long until things start to get messy!

Alien Damnation does have a few rough edges (such as your character continually crouching for a lot of the game), but on the whole it’s a great little tribute to the Alien movies. It’s a very cinematic experience, the various stages of the Xenomorph all look excellent, and there are some great little touches and easter eggs. The first person sections are a particular highlight, using a very cool visual filter that looks just like the camera feeds in the movies. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, RMB – Zoom, Spacebar – Run

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Alien Damnation Here (Unzip & Copy the URL in the .txt File)

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  1. Hello,


    Personally, I have doubts about your description of the game because at the very beginning, you incanate a character and we can very clearly notice that it is the USS Sulaco which crashed and not an escape pod. In any case, it seems to be him because we can recognize the front and given the size.

    And we embody the character who comes back with the Facehugger on his head lying in bed after he went to see the carcass

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the game, it was fun to play

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