ALIENS: The Board Game – Browser Game

ALIENS: The Board Game is a digital recreation of the ALIENS tabletop game in which you can re-enact scenes from the Aliens movie in top down turn based tactical combat.

ALIENS: The Board Game plays much like the original board game and sees you commanding your team in turn based tactical combat across three unique scenarios – The Reactor, Operations and Rescue Newt. The Reactor re-enacts the scene where the marines get ambushed by Xenomorphs at the reactor, Operations sees Ripley, Newt, Gorman, Hudson, Vasquez and Hicks on the back foot after Burke’s betrayal and Rescue Newt sees you venturing into the Queen’s lair to rescue Newt.

It’s a very tough game in which the Xenomorphs will really punish you for any complacency. They’re just as deadly as in the movies, so if they get up close and personal with your soldiers then they’re pretty much toast. It makes for a challenging and very addictive game, especially if you’re a fan of the movie as it’s great fun recreating classic scenes. More than just a bug hunt.

All your favorite characters are there

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Note: We highly recommend checking out the Tutorial before playing as it has some very useful tips

Play Aliens: The Board Game Here

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