All The Way Down – Downloadable Game

All The Way Down is a dread-filled Lovecraftian point and click adventure where you become an unwelcome visitor in a rural English mining town.

In All The Way Down you follow the story of a lone traveller who ends up lost in a snowstorm in Yorkshire, England. You come across a small town and hope to find some accommodation that you can shelter from the storm in. However, the locals are very peculiar and unwelcoming. It soon becomes apparent that perhaps you would have been better off risking your chances in the snowy wilderness…

It does have a few rough edges and the ending is a bit of an anticlimax, but there’s a lot to like about All The Way Down nonetheless. The voice acting and pixel art animation is excellent, the characters are all well written and there are some clever little puzzles throughout. It does a great job of building a real sense of doom and dread that hangs over the town and you really do want to get out of there as fast as possible.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download All The Way Down Here

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