Alone in Pico – Browser Game

Alpone in Pico game

Alone in Pico is a short Pico-8 de-make of the original Alone in the Dark game in which you solve puzzles and avoid traps as you attempt to escape a zombie infested mansion.

In Alone in Pico you control one of two playable characters as they attempt to escape a creepy mansion. It’s a short game that can be completed in just a few minutes, but you’ll die quite often as traps and zombies await around every corner. You must solve (fairly simple) puzzles, such as sliding a chest over a trapdoor or avoiding broken floorboards, as you attempt to make it out the mansion in one piece.

Considering the (self implemented) restrictions of the Pico-8 fantasy console, the pixel art visuals in Alone in Pico are incredible, and the game has a real sense of tension as you enter each room, guessing where the next zombie is going to come from. A very cool little low rez retro horror adventure

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, C/V – Interact

Available On: All Browsers

Play Alone in Pico Here

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