Alteil: Horizons – Browser Game

Alteil- Horizons

Alteil: Horizons, a game created by Apocoplay, is a beautifully drawn Trading Card game with light RPG elements that will make your jaw drop.

The game has over 1000 cards that can be collected and used in a deck that you create. Each starter deck is based around one of the Four Golds of Old, each one harnessing different elements along with different stats and abilities. The game play follows the typical rules of an J-RPG with its turn based mechanic. It also utilises the stats of each card to either give you an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your opponents cards. Higher Agi (Agility) means you will go first in combat while having a higher RNG (Range) stat allows you to go a row or two back to shoot your enemy from afar. Each card also gives you different starting moves that can buff up your units to rush down the enemy, improve defence so less damage is taken, or increase everything for a one-off face roll.

The card designs are absolutely stunning, being drawn by artists that have worked on video games in the past (Legend of Zelda, Star Ocean and Final Fantasy). The cards almost have a otherworldly look to them, and the designs will blow you away. The game handles differently to TCGs of the norm. Instead of luck of the draw, also known as either RNG or DudNG, from games like Hearthstone and Magic, the game gives you full access to your deck from the start. However you can just go all out and summon your most powerful unit onto the board.

Each unit takes a certain amount of SP (Summoning Points) along with power orbs of different energies (Fire, Light, Dark, Water ECT)to summon onto the board. You also don’t get to instant summon either, instead you SET your card and wait a turn before you can play it. The added bonus of this game is you get your SP back once a summoned unit dies, giving you more possibilities of what to play on your next turn. This game is a must play for anyone who is a massive fan of TCG and wants to try out something a little bit different.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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