Altiia and the Trial Islands – Download Game

Altiia and the Trial Islands is a beautiful free-form open world third person platforming game in which you (and other players) create the challenges.

In Altiia and the Trial Islands you are given complete freedom to roam the beautiful Trial Islands, with you able to explore, discover secrets and unlock new cosmetic items and equipment. You have a nifty little staff which allows you to pole-vault across large distances. It is missing a vital part though, which you may be able to find hidden on one of the islands.

Other than searching for a missing piece of your staff, there are no pre-defined objectives in Altiia and the Trial Islands – you simply enjoy your time in the vibrant secret-filled game world. If you’re looking for some competition though, you can set gates to create time challenges to challenge the rest of the online community.

Altiia and the Trial Islands doesn’t have much in the way of narrative or quests/missions, but it more than makes up for it with its fun pole vaulting gameplay and vibrant game world. The Trial Islands provide a beautiful playground for you to explore and enjoy as you like and the fantastic soundtrack makes the whole thing feel epic. A joyful island hopping jaunt well worth checking out.

Controls: ControllerRecommended

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Altiia and the Trial Islands Here

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