Amanda the Adventurer – Downloadable Game

Amanda the Adventurer is a creepy little horror game where you watch and play along with an old kids’ TV show about a brave little girl and her cowardly sheep companion.

Created for the DreadXP Found Footage Jam, Amanda the Adventurer is a short horror game where you watch some VHS videos of an old kids’ TV show that you found in your attic. The show is called “Amanda the Adventurer” and it’s a charming and cheesy little show that hearkens back to the type of educational kids’ shows you’d get back in the 90’s. Amanda is very cheerful and often asks you to find things on the screen or spell out words, but you may start to notice something odd about her.

It only takes around five minutes to play through Amanda the Adventurer, but it’s a great little horror game that does a good job of infusing its charming looking TV show with a healthy dose of uncanny horror. It’s particularly enjoyable deliberately getting questions wrong and watching Amana get increasingly infuriated. No wonder the TV show was cancelled!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Amanda the Adventurer Here

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