Amour Libre: Free Love – Browser Game

Amour Libre – Free Love is an interesting little conversational game that explores the boundaries of relationships as a woman in a relationship finds herself physically attracted to a man she met at a party.

In Amour Libre – Free Love you take on the role of Laura, a young woman who has been in a relationship with her partner for 3 years. A few days ago she ended up kissing a guy at a party and she can’t get him out of their head. Should she just try to forget it? Should she try to see him again? Should she confess to her partner?

The entire game is played out in Laura’s living room and sees you making conversational choices with your boyfriend and on your phone. The choices you make affect how the narrative plays out and will affect the type of relationship you end up in at the end. If you do open you you may find that your boyfriend is pretty understanding though and you can get into some pretty deep conversations about relationships, free love, monogamy and polyamory.

For a game about love, the blank expressions on the faces of the characters and the matter-of-fact way they talk does feel a little emotionless. It’s a very interesting game though, with a great art style and some meaningful insights into how open relationships can work.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play Amour Libre – Free Love Here

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