An Afternoon Rippling – Downloadable Game

An Afternoon Rippling is a wonderfully surreal dream-like adventure where you get lost in a desert valley after your car breaks down on a lonely highway.

In An Afternoon Rippling you’re driving along a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere when your car breaks down. After meeting a friendly teenager on a scooter, you’re informed that there is a mechanic in the area who may be able to help. However, first you’ll have to find him…

Taking around an hour to play through, there are a couple of minor puzzles in An Afternoon Rippling, but on the whole it’s more of a visual novel experience. As you explore the desert in search of the mechanic, you encounter a variety of different oddball characters and get into some surprisingly deep conversations with them.

It’s a beautiful and captivating game with fantastic artwork, great writing and lots of memorable characters. Things get pretty weird and there’s always a distinct feeling of magic in the air throughout. It feels like you’ve strayed into a strange ethereal dream-world that you could stay in forever. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, Mouse – Look,

Available On: Windows

Download An Afternoon Rippling Here

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