Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs – Downloadable Game

Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs

Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs is a thoroughly ridiculous game in which you play a mad scientist creating some of the most spectacularly inaccurate mutant dinosaurs and unleashing them on the world.

From start to finish Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs is a masterpiece of surreal silliness, full of ridiculous humor and funny little touches (even clicking the minimise button will raise a smile).  Once you get through the suitably silly scientific pre-amble, you are let loose in a lab, with an ability to graft dinosaur body parts together to create some wonderfully inaccurate Jurassic abominations that can look like a T-Rex mated with a Triceratops in a washing machine.  Once you’ve created your dinomutant you can trash them and start again or unleash them upon the world (as any self respecting mad scientist would).

To label Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs as ‘silly’ is a massive understatement (as is labelling it ‘fun’).  It’s clearly come from the mind of someone who dances along the fine line between madness and genius every day.  What they’ve created is a fantastic genetically modified masterpiece that’s mad as a box of (prehistoric) frogs.

Controls:  Mouse – Point, Click & Laugh!

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs Here

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