Ancient Greek Punishment: Teaches Typing – Browser Game

Ancient Greek Punishment: Teaches Typing is a funny little typing game parody that recreates the punishments of ancient Greek Gods in typing form.

Created by the talented Pippin Barr, Ancient Greek Punishment: Teaches Typing is an accompaniment to the previously featured Ancient Greek Punishment: UI Edition and Ancient Greek Punishment: Inversion Edition, which this time recreates the punishments bestowed by the ancient Greek Gods as typing exercises. There are six different exercises based on the fates of Sisyphus, Danaids, Tantalus, Prometheus, Zeno and Camus, each of which have beginner, intermediate and advanced difficulty levels.

Each of the punishments requires you to type the words as they appear at the top or the bottom of the screen, often making the character carry out an action in the process (so typing makes Sisyphus roll his boulder up a hill). Much like the punishments they’re inspired by none of the games are completable, but it’s fun to see how each punishment is represented and you may even improve your typing skills in the process!

Controls: Mouse – Keyboard

Available On: Browser

Play Ancient Greek Punishment: Teaches Typing Here

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