Ancient Greek Punishment: UI Edition – Browser Game

Ancient Greek Punishment: UI Edition is a silly little game that allows you to play UI based versions of the punishments dished out by ancient Greek Gods.

Created by the talented Pippin Barr, Ancient Greek Punishment: UI Edition is essentially companion piece to Ancient Greek Punishment: Inversion Edition, which we’d also recommend checking out. The Inversion Edition allowed you to take control of the objects of torture (such as Sisyphus’ Boulder) but the in the UI edition you get to reenact the punishments in UI form.

There are five punishments in total, as famously dealt out to Sisyphus, Danaids, Tantalus, Prometheus and Zeno. However, they all have unique twists based on the UI interface – so for instance, instead of rolling a boulder up a hill as Sisyphus, you attempt to set a slider to 10, but the slider resets to zero every time you try to press “Submit”.

It’s all totally pointless, but it’s fun little play toy that makes a clever use of UI to recreate some of the Greek gods worst punishments. Sure, maybe they’re not as painful as waiting for a Windows update to install, but they’re a pain in the ass nonetheless!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Ancient Greek Punishment: UI Edition Here

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