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And Then There Were None download

And Then There Were None is a wonderfully atmospheric platforming metroidvania in which you follow the instructions of a strange voice on the radio in the near whiteout conditions of a blizzard.

There are many ways to die in And Then There Were None – spikes, bottomless pits, traps, and even mysterious enemies (which look and move a lot like yourself) that hunt you down.  As you progress, you gather equipment, which will help you progress and survive through this white wilderness.  All the way through strong feeling of tension, thanks to the ever present threat of death, and the excellent audio and visual design.

It’s a tough game, filled with perils and pitfalls, but also a thoroughly captivating one.  Who is on the other end of that radio?  And who are the strangers that are chasing you?  Maybe you’ll find out, maybe you won’t but you’ll certainly die a lot and have a good time trying!

Controls: A/D – Movement, W – Jump, Ctrl – Use Signal

Available On:  Windows Only

Download And Then There Were None Here

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