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Anfloga is a relaxing, but oddly unsettling narrative-based submarine adventure in which you explore a series of seemingly uninhabited caverns, collecting precious minerals and setting up generators for a mining company.

In Anfloga you play an employee (or possibly prisoner) of a mining company who has been sent to a remote planet to gather information about its habitat and collect minerals. It’s a slow paced, non-combative game where the only danger is from running out of electricity to power your sub. You can recharge your subs power by returning to the surface, or alternatively you can set up little generators at certain spots to charge your battery.

The narrative is relayed cleverly via various tit-bits of information you gather while exploring your surroundings. It doesn’t spell anything out for you, but if you pay attention it’s not to hard to figure out what’s really going on and what’s been done to the planet.

It’s an interesting game, that blends chilled out slow paced explorative gameplay with a tense and unsettling atmosphere as you unravel its dark narrative. A unique nautical adventure well worth diving into.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Build Generator, RMB – Light

Available On: Windows

Download Anfloga Here

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