Animal Tragedy – Downloadable Game

Animal Tragedy is a beautifully illustrated narrative-driven fable that explores animal-human relations in a world where all the hunters are in lockdown due to a pandemic.

The story of Animal Tragedy takes place in a pandemic afflicted world where hunters are all in lockdown and can’t go out into the woodlands to hunt. This is giving the animals a much needed reprieve from the constant terror of the hunters, and allows them to gather and discuss the situation.

The animals know that the peace won’t last and the hunters will be back in the woods with their guns and traps soon enough. Unless, perhaps the animals organise themselves and strike first? As the game progresses you make decisions that affect how the story plays out for the animals and the humans.

It’s a well crafted little adventure with a beautiful art style and a powerful narrative that feels like an allegory for war. There’s a real lack of trust, communication and understanding between each side, making for a very fragile truce that’s easier to break than maintain.

Controls: Arrow Keys & Enter – Select Actions

Available On: Windows

Download Animal Tragedy Here

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