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animal villiage

Animal Village is a blood soaked survival horror adventure in which you explore a charming little animal village that harbours some very dark secrets.

When loading up Animal Village, it seems like you’re in for a cute little Zelda-like adventure, but it’s not long until things take a dark twist as you venture down into a pit filled with ghosts, grotesque monsters, boss fights and bucket loads of blood. You may be a cute little bunny rabbit, but you’re not totally harmless – you’re armed with a gun and can siphon the blood of the enemies you kill to increase your health. You can also swap some of your blood for bullets – which can come in handy as bullets are in limited supply.

Considering Animal Village’s cuddly little bunny protagonist and charming pixel art visual style, it can be a remarkably creepy and blood-soaked experience at times. The interesting little animal characters you meet all seem a little (or a lot) damaged, possibly due to witnessing or committing terrible things. Much like a Dark Souls game, the snippets of information you get from the characters really draws you into the world without boring you with swathes of dialogue and exposition.

Animal Village will take around an hour to complete, and packs plenty of scares, surprises and secrets into it’s short playtime (including a secret boss). A well crafted and very creepy pixel art survival horror adventure that goes down a very dark rabbit hole. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows Only

Download Animal Village Here

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