Another World [PICO-8] – Browser Game

You can now play a remarkably faithful port of the 1991 classic Another World (aka Out of This World) in the PICO-8 virtual console.

Another World may be a three decade old game, but it’s still a game that shouldn’t really be possible on the 8-bit styled PICO-8 virtual console. However, developer Frederic Souchu (creator of POOM and the Virtua Racing Demake) has somehow managed it and it’s remarkably faithful to the original version to – complete with beautiful rotoscoped cutscenes.

It plays pretty much exactly the same as Éric Chahi’s classic game and it looks pretty much exactly the same, just with some slightly chunkier pixels. It’s still as tough as the original version too (perhaps even tougher at parts), with plenty of nasty ways for Conrad to die. See if you can survive this beautifully crafted PICO-8 port!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z/X – Action

Available On: Browser

Play Another World [PICO-8] Here

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