Antivine – Beta Demo

Antivine is a chilled out and very touching narrative-driven isometric puzzle adventure set in a world where old people turn into bushy vines which help to feed future generations.

In Antivine you are a young boy who lives in a society where, once you become older, you sprout branches and eventually become a stationary non-sentient vine bush. These bushes then produce fruit which helps sustain future generations in your village. You were never able to grow branches for some reason, but now your mother has transitioned to her bush form you’ll need to go in search of the Treeman and discover the truth.

The early levels in Antivine are very simple (too simple really), but things get more interesting once the ability to rotate the game world is introduced. It’s a clever mechanic that allows you to rotate the game world whilst still leaving certain plant structures facing the same direction. Along the way you’ll also meet a little friend who can come in handy for solving puzzles too.

The puzzles are perhaps not the strongest point in Antivine, but the artwork and narrative more than makes up for it. It tells a very touching tale and its sedate pace and vibrant visuals make for a very pleasant experience. A plant-based puzzler that will grow on you.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Steam

Download The Antivine Beta Demo Here

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