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anxiety attacks

Anxiety Attacks is a deeply uncomfortable and unsettling first person game that lets you experience first hand the intense fear and choking claustrophobia of an anxiety attack.

Your simple sounding task is to explore the forest and collect the glowing orbs.  This, however is made rather difficult and extremely unpleasant due to the constant fear of panic attacks.  You can use Q and E to help control your breathing, but sooner or later a panic attack will strike.  When this happens your breathing gets sharp and shallow, darkness encroaches on your peripheral vision and (if you’ve turned the feature on) a wide range of negative feelings and emotions will fly out the screen at you.

Anxiety Attacks can look very pretty at times as you stroll through the beautifully rendered forest, but it’s certainly not a ‘fun’ experience – and deliberately so.  It’s a unique, short and very intense experience that doesn’t just show players an anxiety attack, it allows them to feel it.  Powerful and impacting stuff.

Controls:  WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look,  Q/E – Control Breathing

Available On:  Windows Only

TRIGGER WARNING:  Do not play this if you are prone to depression or anxiety attacks.

Download Anxiety Attacks Here

2 thoughts on “Anxiety Attacks – Downloadable Game”

  1. I started to not be able to breath just watching a video on this. I’m not going to play, nor should I because of my anxiety. But this is a very interesting game for people without anxiety to feel what we feel. I’d say this is also very deep so if anyone has a trigger or some other thing I’d suggest you do not play this game.

  2. Although almost 15% of people in the world has this type of disorder, not everyone else does, so I would recommend playing this game before you tell someone who is having a panic attack, or anxiety attack to “calm down” or “stop trying to get attention” because this accurately displays what it is like having one of them. As part of the 15% of the world with this disorder, I was uncomfortable watching this game and even playing it for I didn’t want to be triggered by the words that flew into the characters face while having a panic attack, but because of watching what the creator made with this game, I found out that I was not the only one out there with this problem and I thank him for making this game for those who do not know what it is like to have one of those brutal panic/anxiety attacks.

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