Anxiety – Downloadable Game

anxiety game

Anxiety is a freaky psychological horror game that revolves around the source of your character’s deep seated anxiety and remorse.

You must explore your character’s home,discovering six clues which will help you piece together what has happened to cause your anguish.  All the while you are haunted by freaky apparitions – figments of your imagination that appear if you hang around in one room for too long.  Taking around five minutes to complete, it’s an impressive, oppressive and dread filled experience, that will really get under your skin.

Jump scares and creepy apparitions constantly keep you on your toes and you explore the house in search of some form of redemption.  Freaky horror with real feeling.

Controls: WASD – Movement,  E – Interact,  Shift – Run

Available On: Windows Only

Check Out a Quick Playthough Here

Download Anxiety Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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