AploVVare Collection – Downloadable Game

AploVVare Collection is a fantastic little video game anthology where you play a selection of eclectic and inventive games on an old video game console.

The AploVVare Collection is a collection of short games that were short-term projects or game jam submissions from Aplove Studio (creator of Roseblight and Project Malice). There are lots of games to play through, all with different themes and gameplay styles, but Aplove’s excellent pixel cut visual style, human and creativity are prevalent throughout.

It’s an excellent collection of games, with particular highlights include Terato Tamer, Citri Plays Norwood and Reversary. The presentation of the collection using the retro console and cartridges is a great little touch too and there’s a lot of stuff in there to keep you busy.

Controls : Mouse and keyboard

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download The AploVVare Collection Here

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