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Aquacreep is a paranoia-filled horror adventure inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing, which sees you attempting to figure out which of your colleagues have been replaced by a shapeshifting alien monster.

Created by Suits n’ Nukes (creator of Astrocreep and Nightmare Fishing Tournament 3D) in Aquacreep you take on the role of a man who works at a remote research facility where a shapeshifting alien monster is killing and transforming into near perfect replicas of his colleagues. If you think this is familiar then you’ve probably either seen The Thing movie or played the original 2D version of Aquacreep that was released a few years ago (by the same dev).

In the game you will have to chat to colleagues and piece together clues as you try to figure out who is human and who isn’t. This can lead to plenty of paranoia and some very intense confrontations with the monster as you attempt to kill it in some very confined buildings. Also, the clues and the infected people can change in each playthrough so you really will never know who you can trust and who you can’t.

Aquacreep does have a few rough edges and irritations (most notably it’s really hard to avoid the monster in confined areas) but it’s a great little horror adventure nonetheless. It’s not as terrifying as The Thing (though nothing is), but it’s got a fun B-movie feel to it and the animation, writing and fully voiced dialogue is very impressive. A tense little paranoia-filled horror adventure where trust is in short supply.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, RMB – Aim Gun, LMB – Shoot Gun, Shift – Sprint

Available On: Windows

Download Aquacreep Here

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