Armed With Wings: Rearmed Trials – Browser Game

Armed With Wings Rearmed Trials

Armed With Wings: Rearmed Trials is a super cool silhouetted 2D arena combat game in which you attempt to survive as long as possible against waves of deadly imperial soldiers.

Armed With Wings: Rearmed Trials serves as a teaser for the full game which is currently still in development, and sees you playing a lone warrior fighting for your survival in a dilapidated world consumed by war. The combat is fast, fluid and easy to get to grips with, but hard to master, with you having to use different tactics for different opponents. It also features lots of new weaponry to pick up and a robust combat system that allows you to rack up giant combs as you chase down that elusive high score.

It’s a fun game, and as well as offering up fast, fluid and fun combat, Armed With Wings: Rearmed Trials has some superb audio and visual design. There are few things in life that are cooler than a silhouetted samurai slashing away at enemies to a pulsing dance beat!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, A – Attack, S – Power Attack, D – Dodge

Available On: All Browsers

Play Armed With Wings: Rearmed Trials Here

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