As of Yet Unnamed – Browser Game

As of Yet Unnamed is a fun little arcade game where you help protect various presidents in their motorcade by hurling the bodies of the Presidential Bodyguard at the missiles and helicopters that are trying to blow them up.

In As of Yet Unnamed you take control of the Presidential Bodyguard as they escort a selection of famous recent US Presidents. Unfortunately for the Presidents (but mure unfortunate for the Bodyguards), there’s a constant stream of terrorist attacks in the form of rockets and choppers flying through the sky. The Bodyguards must now do their job and protect the President at all costs, which means hurling their body at the missiles and choppers.

It’s a simple, but fun little arcade game with some excellent pixel art animation and a great sense of humor. Depending on you political leanings you may be a little more inclined to protect some Presidents more than others, but it’s a blast either way!

Controls: Point, Click & Drag

Available On: All Browsers

Play As of Yet Unnamed Here

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