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Astroe io game is a massively multiplayer tactical space combat game in which up to 100 players blow up asteroids, collect gold, purchase upgrades and battle for control of mining satellites.

In two teams of players fight for control of 15 mining satellites in easily accessible browser based .io-style combat. Players each start with a basic ship which can be upgraded using gold acquired through blowing up asteroids, dispatching other players and via mining satellites. The mining satellites are captured by staying within its radius for a few seconds (as long as there’s not an enemy ship there to contest it) and can be upgraded with gold to give you a larger gold output per minute.

It’s an addictive little space battler that adds a nice layer of strategy to the .io genre. Well worth checking out for some tactical massively multiplayer space warfare.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Fire

Available On: All Browsers

UPDATE: This Game is No Longer Available

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