Attack of the Murder Hornets – Download Game

Attack of the Murder Hornets is a fun little retro 8-bit MS-DOS styled horror game where a beekeeper is in for a nasty surprise as he investigates the decaptiation of his beloved little honey bees.

Created by Airdorf (creator of the FAITH games) and TorpleDook (creator of Earl’s Day Off), Attack of the Murder Hornets is a short retro sysled horror game that’s been created to promote the Attack of the Murder Hornets documentary on Discovery and Discovery+.  In the game you take control of a beekeeper as he collects honey from the various beehives around his residence. Unfortunately, he starts to notice that many of his bees have been mysteriously decapitated, and you can guess by the title who the culprits may be!

Taking around 5-10 minutes to play through, Attack of the Murder Hornets is a short, simple and fun little horror game with a very tense and forboding atmosphere. The FAITH-esque retro visuals work really well and the game manages to make you feel for the plight of the poor decapitated bees and the beekeeper. What’s more unsettling is that murder hornets wiping out the honeybees is actually happening in North America right now. So anything that can help draw attention to the problem is very welcome!

Controls: Arrowy Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Interact

Available On: Windows

Download Attack of the Murder Hornets Here

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