Autummry – Browser Game

Autummry is a charming little browser based game where you attempt to fly a paper plane as far through a beautiful Autumn scene as possible.

In Autummry you control a little paper plane as it makes its flight through a beautifully drawn city park in the throws of Autumn. There are lots of hazards to avoid, including people and objects tied to balloons, and there are also power-ups to collect and gusts of wind to catch. You also have a limited amount of boost and a super charge which you cna use to extend your flight.

The gameplay in Autummry is fairly simple, but the setting makes all the difference. There’s a nice array of Autumnal colours to take in as you make your flight through the city park and lots of interesting sights to take in. A peaceful and pleasant paper plane ride well worth taking.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Boost, X – Super Charge

Available On: All Browsers

Play Autummry Here

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