Bad Monday Simulator – Browser Game

Bad Monday Simulator is a fantastic little fusion of Garfield and Undertale, where Nermal battles a Sans/Garfield hybrid in an ultimate duel.

Created by LumpyTouch (Creator of the awesome Gorefiled pixel art animations, Triggore and Sacrifights) Bad Monday Simulator takes place in the land of Undergarf – a place where Garfield and Undertale have combined. In the game you take on the role of Garfield’s annoyingly cute nemesis – Nermal. It appears he’s stumbled into the Undergarf and must now challenge Sansfield (a fusion of Garfield and Sans) to an Undertale style battle.

Bad Monday Simulator comprises of one large battle with Sansfield where you attempt to dodge his various attacks and defeat him with your own attacks. You have a standard attack, healing items and the ability to pray, which gives you randomized selection of attacks, healing or just nothing. It’s an extremely tough game, but if you do manage to defeat Sansfield you can also try two even harder modes (including one where you start with just 1HP!

It’s a fun game which does a great job of blending Undertale’s gameplay with everyone’s favorite lasagne loving cat. You’ll need some real perseverance to beat it, but it’s a lot of fun trying and the variety of different attacks and excellent animations means it never gets old. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Confirm, X – Cancel

Available On: Browser

Play Bad Monday Simulator Here

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