Badb’s Tea House – Downloadable Game

Badbs Tea House

Badb’s Tea House is a short, silly, surprising and very funny adventure in which you play the spirit of a powerful evil warlord who keeps getting woken up by someone activating a circle of magic stones.

You used to be an all powerful warlord who spread fear and misery thought the land, but that was a long time ago and now you just want to rest. Unfortunately for you someone keeps activating a circle of magic stones, which creates a terrible noise that keeps causing you to wake from your slumber. The only way you’ll get back to sleep is to find out what powerful and wise hero is activating the stones and try to persuade them not to do it anymore. What follows is a charming and very funny little adventure, full of wonderful characters who constantly surprise and confuse your old warlord protagonist.

There’s only one puzzle in the game, which takes place during a fabulous fourth wall-breaking scene, but it’s the narrative and characters that really draw you into Badb’s Tea House. With charming pixel art animation and wonderfully well written dialogue, we highly recommend dropping by Badb’s Tea House – just be careful, those teas can be quite expensive!

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On:  Win, Mac & Linux

Note: If you like Badb’s Tea House, we highly recommend checking out Grandpa Pip’s Birthday (it’s not a direct prequel, but there are some fun little in-jokes you’ll notice if you play Badb’s Tea House after).

Download Badb’s Tea House Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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