Ballistic Zen – Downloadable Game

Ballistic Zen is a very cool open world parkour platformer that’s controlled entirely with your mouse.

In Ballistic Zen the controls are very simple – you aim with the mouse, use RMB to jump/wall-jump and press the left mouse button to turn your thrusters on and off (no WASD required). You have access to a vast urban cityscape that you explore freely, with new areas unlocking as you progress. To unlock these areas you need to earn points, which you do by following various lines through the city and by picking up collectibles. There are also a handful of NPCs to stop and have a little chat with when you fancy a break.

It’s a very chilled out and addictive take on parkour platforming with a well designed environment and a very elegant keyboard-free control scheme. You’ll have a lot of fun with this mighty mouse-controlled parkour adventure!

Controls: LMB – Start/Stop Moving, RMB – Jump, Mouse – AIm

Available On: Windows

Download Ballistic Zen Here

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