– Browser Game is essentially a browser based top down mouse-controlled version of Rocket League, which sees teams of three knocking a ball around a futuristic arena and attempting to score past each other.

If you’ve ever played Rocket League then you’ll be right at home with this easily accessible .io version of the game. is played entirely with the mouse, much like in, with you moving the pointer in direction you want to travel and you can also boost by pressing the left mouse button (you charge your boost by going over the glowing pads). It features 3v3 matches that take place over five minutes, with the game going into overtime if it’s still a draw at the end of regulation time.

Much like Rocket League, offers a wonderfully fast paced and chaotic casual sports game experience. The shift to a top-down view makes it easier to follow the action and the mouse controls may not be the most accurate, but they give you roughly the same amount of ball control as in Rocket League. Well worth checking out for some browser based ballsports fun.

Controls: Mouse – Aim/Move, LMB – Boost

Available On: All Browsers

Play Here

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