Beam Ball – Browser Game

BeamBall Game

Beam Ball is a very addictive action game that tests your reflexes in a variety of ways as you attempt to hit matching coloured beams with your balls.

The main concept of Beam Ball is that you need to hit coloured lines with the matching color of orbs. Hit the line with the right color and it will disappear and you’ll earn some points, but hit the wrong color and it’s game over. It’s a simple, but addictive game mechanic that is played out through 20 levels (or more if you include the unlockables) with each level offering a different twist on the gameplay – such as striped beams or only being able to move one orb.

It’s a simple premise that’s very well executed, with plenty of variety, fast paced gameplay and cool pulsing visuals. Well worth checking out for some intense reflex testing action.

Controls: Mouse – Move Orb

Available On: All Browsers

Play Beam Ball Here

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