Beatbox Sausages – Browser Game

beatbox sausages game

Beatbox Sausages is a very silly little game in which you liven up an empty fridge by adding a bunch of beatboxing sausages and creating some badass (or just plain bad) tunes with them!

There’s no fail state in Beatbox Sausages, you simply beatbox along to the music and earn ‘Sausage Points’ that can be used to unlock more sausages, more backing tracks and the ‘Mega Party’ mode. It’s a fun little game, with some wonderfully ridiculous looking sausages and cool tunes. Well worth checking out for some silly sausagey fun!

Controls: Mouse – Interact/Purchase New Sausages, 0-9 – Beatbox yer Sausages!

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play Beatbox Sausages Here

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