Beats Of Nightmare – Download/Browser Game

beats of nightmare

Beats of Nightmare is a super tough procedurally generated racer in which you play a shadowy nightmare, chasing an orb of light across three increasingly challenging levels.

You have no weaponry in Beats of Nightmare, you must simply dodge the oncoming obstacles and collect the blue glowing orbs.  You also have the very handy ability of instantly jumping into the center of the screen by pressing the spacebar though, which you’ll need to use a lot if you want to survive for more than a few seconds.

The audio and visuals in Beats of Nightmare are both superb, with the dynamic shadow effects and pulsing electronic soundtrack really bringing the world to life.  It’s tough, but very addictive stuff with that all important ‘one more go’ factor.

Controls: Arrow keys – Movement,  Spacebar – Jump to the center of the screen

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Browser

Note:  One of the obstacles in particular can be impossible until you figure out how to correctly use the ‘jump to center’ skill, check out the GIF above for a hint.

Download or Play Beats of Nightmare Here

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