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Beeswing Game

Beeswing is a beautiful, deep and surreal hand drawn narrative adventure that explores themes of life, death and the passage of time as you return to your childhood home in the Scottish Highlands.

Returning to your childhood home after a long time away can be a bit of a jarring experience – some things have changed, some haven’t, everyone’s older but you still feel like you’re the age you were when you left. Beeswing encapulates these feelings and a whole lot more as you chat to friends, family and strangers while exploring the village you grew up in.

You start the game as your fully grown self in your currrent home, but when you return to the village your avatar turns into a child, representing what you feel like to be back in your childhood home. You chat with your mother then venture out into the village, chatting to the residents about life – how people have changed and how the world’s changed since you’ve been gone. There’s a lot to take in, there’s madness, death, grieving, aging and other symptoms of the passage of time.

Beeswing has a lot to say, with dialoge that can feel a little heavy handed at times, but that can easiy be forgiven due to the feelings that it creates as you expore it’s beautifully drawn Scottish village. It’s an emotional game, that draws from the developers real life experiences to create rich game world full of atmosphere, feeling and philosphical quandries. A place where time has marched on, even in your absence.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Interact

Available On: Windows & Browser

Play Beeswing Here

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