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Behind is a beautifully drawn narrative-driven experience which explores how relationships change over time as you stroll through dioramas of your memories.

In Behind walk through four changing scenes that represent your personal growth and the relationships you’ve had with loved ones. One is your childhood bedrrom which gets packed up and emptied and you move out. Another is your mother who nags you, encourages you and tries to get you to open up more. One scene is of a boyfriend in a rather tempestuous and doomed relationship and the fourth scen one is your father who sits on the couch with a guitar encouraging you to play. Your relationship with your father is the only one that doesn’t really change over time, which is most likely due to a combination of two reasons – father’s often aren’t the best at sharing their feelings and also, he appears to have died while your were young.

It’s an interesting experience wandering through the beautifully drawn memories of he past. The loss of your father has clearly made it hard for you to open up to people and perhaps seeking refuge in unhealthy relationships. You’ll move on, but you’ll never leave it all behind.

Controls – A/D – Walk, Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Behind Here

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