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Behind Every Great One is a powerful narrative based adventure that sees you trying to be a supportive wife, with very little appreciation for the work you do and the things you put up with.

In Behind Every Great One you take on the woman in the old adage “behind every great man there’s a great woman”. Your husband is a talented and critically acclaimed artist and although you don’t have any children, you prefer not to work, instead spending your time taking care of the housework and being supportive to your husband (he even calls you his muse). The problem is that this leads to a very unbalanced relationship – everything is always about him and he barely notices how you spend your day.

Each day you can carry out four tasks, but there is a lot to do around the house (cooking, cleaning, watering plants, dusting, ironing, etc.) so you can never get everything done. Occasionally you’ll get some appreciation for something you’ve done like cooking a nice meal, but most of the time you’ll get critiqued for the things you haven’t had time to do. This is compounded when the in-laws and other family members come to visit and you start to get more and more stressed out and depressed.

The more stressed and depressed you get the more the screen zooms in on your character, until finally you break down and have a little cry to yourself to let everything out. You can manage your stress levels in other ways, by reading, watching TV, using the computer or smoking, but as the house fills up with family members there are less and less of these options available to you.

It’s an interesting game that has delivers a very powerful emotional experience as you spend spend some time in the shoes of the wife of a ‘great’ man. He does clearly love you and he’s not a total dirtbag, but it’s clear that you don’t receive the same emotional support that you give to him and that the majority of the things you do for him are just taken for granted. It’s a depressing and rage inducing experience at times (especially when the in-laws come to visit), but it gives you a much better appreciation for the great woman behind the great man.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – interact

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Behind Every Great One Here

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